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Affordable Asheville & Hendersonville, NC Tree Care

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We specialize in tree pruning, trimming, tree removals, hazardous tree inspections, stump grinding and even provide emergency tree services. You can call us anytime for friendly, affordable services!

Affordable Tree Services In Asheville & Hendersonville, NC

wood chipperAbove All Tree Care is the leading Tree Service in Asheville or Hendersonville, NC. Our hardworking arborists are your allies in all tree related services including Tree Removal, Tree Pruning, Stump Grinding, Stump Removal, and Shrub Trimming.  At Above All Tree Care our three biggest concerns are safety, customer satisfaction, and integrity in our work. We know that trees are huge part of your home, or business’s identity and we want to do everything in our power to only enhance that identity. Whether that means being called in to prune your trees, or remove a dangerous one, we are your number one source for all tree related needs.

The fact is that trees for as much beauty as them display are also quite dangerous. A diseased or damaged tree could easily fall in Asheville or Hendersonville, NC if the right circumstances are present. This is why it’s important to keep an eye on your trees throughout the year. Sick trees can only take so much before they present a risk to you, your loved ones, customers, employees, and others. Welcome to Above All Tree Care

Tree Removal Solutions

tree fellerTree Removal in Asheville or Hendersonville, NC can be a very dangerous task. First and foremost safety is always the number one concern. Tree’s that are falling are mostly in free fall so you need an experienced Tree Service to handle the process.  When a tree falls there are major risks everywhere. Your property, your neighbor’s property, the safety of anyone nearby, and possibly the most complicated risk power lines.

That being said Tree Removal is a complicated task in Asheville or Hendersonville, NC. It begins with an inspection of the tree in question. Based off of observation our arborists can judge whether or not your tree is a danger to those surround it. Infestation, disease, corrosion, and damage to the trunk are the major reasons that a tree needs to be removed.

Tree Pruning and Tree Trimming Services

tree careTree Pruning is an essential process at Above All Tree Care that aims at increasing the lifespan of your tree and its health in general. Pruning is the act of removing weak limbs, branches, or sections in order to allow new healthy ones to grow. Additionally, tree pruning in Asheville or Hendersonville, NC can have other benefits for your tree as well.

A routinely pruned tree will grow in such a manner that consistently promotes good health. By removing all of the unnecessary branches and limbs your tree will have more access to sunlight as well. Vitamin D is an important aspect of any trees health, it helps to fight disease, grow new limbs and leaves, and provide nutrients for growth.

Tree Pruning also helps to remove dangers from your property. When a tree is sick, dying, or has recently been through extreme weather its limbs pose a real threat. Broken limbs are one step away from falling to the ground where the possibility of damage to your property or worse harm to those nearby is always a potential situation.

Stump Grinding

At Above All Tree Care we have a few choice words for stumps in Asheville or Hendersonville, NC. The question is, when you dedicate yourself to removing a tree where’s the sense in leaving the stump behind?  One of the biggest reasons to get rid of your stumps is that they aren’t visually appealing.  Over time stumps become breeding grounds for weeds, bacteria, fungi, and in some cases insects.  It’s also worth mentioning that stumps become an inconsistency in an otherwise free and open landscape. Lastly, just like all plant life stumps will eventually become covered up by other plant life. This creates a hazard in your yard that can lead to injury, and even be life threatening.

When you work with Above All Tree Care in Buncombe County, NC or Henderson County, you receive the full attention of our service. We want Asheville or Hendersonville to be beautiful just as much as you want your home or property to be. If you have Stump that needs to be grinded down, and eventually removed please contact us so that we can proudly help you.

Stump Removal Solutions

tree stump removal ashevilleIn the previous section we discussed the dangers of keeping stumps after tree removal. The fact is that stumps pose a threat to anyone who is on your property. In Asheville or Hendersonville, NC stump removal is solely reserved as the final chapter of your tree removal job. You can rest assured stump removal is a positive step forward for your property. It is much more visually appealing to mend the lawn after a removal than it is to retain the leftover stump.

One of the benefits of stump removal is that mulch which is leftover can be utilized again to protect other life through the colder months.  If you are in need of help removing your stumps please call our service in Asheville or Hendersonville, NC today.

Shrub Trimming & Care

tree trimming workerMost Shrubs only require trimming once, or twice a year.  However, shrubs that have been sheared will often require up to 3 or more trims a year. When our arborists are brought in to trim your shrubs we have a few guidelines to our process. First we always take serious observation to the shrub to match the previous trimming pattern. This is because shrubs need consistency in Asheville or Hendersonville, NC.  When you trim a shrub following the same patterns as its previous arborists did you can help the shrub to stay healthy, and extend its lifespan?

The second step of our process is to identify exactly what needs to be brought out in the shrub. Is the shrub in need of size management? Is the shrub weak and requiring a healing of sorts? Is the shrub simply in need of routine maintenance in order to spur positive growth?

These are all fair questions to ask when we first observe your shrub. When Above All Tree Care lands on the job you can expect nothing but the finest work, and full attention of our staff. If you need help trimming your shrubs in Asheville or Hendersonville, NC call us today.

Our Equipment

An arborist is only as skilled as the tools he carries are great. A proper arborist will utilize many tools ranging from tarps, pruners, shearers, blowers, saws, chainsaws, rakes, and many more. In some cases there are different uses for electric chainsaws, and gas powered chain saws.  Prior to any work done on your property, all of our hand tools, blades, and cutting equipment will be cleaned and sharpened in order to produce the healthiest cuts possible.

This is important because improper cuts can produce bad limbs which grow out of structure, and potentially weaken enough to snap and fall. This is why our staff in Asheville or Hendersonville, NC places so much importance on the use of top of the line tools.

Our Customer Service

The staff at Above All Tree Care is nothing but polite, hardworking, caring, and team oriented. The men and women that make up our proud tree service have all been chosen because they shared one trait in common. That trait is integrity, we hope that in assisting you with your various tree needs we can form a bond with you. This bond is the need for loyal, affordable, and proper tree service in Asheville or Hendersonville, NC.